Our Vision

Sharing Knowledge and Experience


Understanding human movement patterns  and the anatomy that is involved is the key to my success in helping patients with their injuries.

Our bodies move in repetitive fashion throughout the day. Even sitting is repetitive in nature. We ask our bones, ligaments, muscles and nerves to do something for an extended period of time.

Tension is created in tissue that is under stress. This can be fatigue or overuse or misuse. Once tension is created in a muscle the bones that the muscle attach to are going to be affected. Uneven tensions on bones can lead to joint dysfunction and injury.

Over time when these uneven tensions are not corrected our bodies will start to compensate to avoid injury. It is my job to identify which is the compensation and which is the original dysfunction and what is the best way to correct it.

In the courses offered here you will learn the common areas of tension specific to a movement pattern, compensations found in other areas of the body and how a patient might present with symptoms. Once the proper tension patterns are discovered you will learn how to manipulate the tissue in order to restore efficient movement.


Dr Donna M Copertino
Executive Director, Mentor